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Harvest Season Bliss!
It would seem that fall especially in Southern Ontario, one could argue it the best season of them all. This author's musing of all thing great about autumn from a food and drink perspective!
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Kids can help you fall in love with Fall even more!
With fall comes the opportunity for young families to get outside with a minimum amount of effort relative to the other seasons and really take in the beautiful scenery, climate, fall fairs, harvesting activities and enjoy fun family togetherness.
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Giving back can help you clean out your closet!
The Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show has partnered with Prom Project this year to help raise awareness and support of Promo Projects clothing drive. We invite all of you getting married to please clean out your closets and bring your donations to this fall's show at the Hamilton Convention Centre September 17-18, 2016 from 12-5pm daily. If you bring a donation you will get into the show for half price.
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Why a Postnatal Care Package is one of the Best Things You Can Give to a New Mom!
If you know a mom-to- be, whether she’s becoming a mother for the first time, or adding to a growing family, a postnatal care package is the best gift you can give to her. It could be a Tenth Moon Mothercare package or a thoughtful DIY, but I promise you it is something she will truly appreciate and always remember. Most of all, it’s something she deserves
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Welcome to The Engaged Life!

Take a moment to imagine where we would be, if we allowed ourselves greater engagement  in our lives. A little every day, making shifts in how we take care of ourselves and those who surround us. Even the smallest steps can quickly compound into vast improvements.

One of the most unique and powerful gifts we all have is the ability to better ourselves every day, in every way. Leading an engaged life is the ultimate opportunity to have emotional, intellectual and physical happiness. And it pays huge dividends, in both our personal and professional lives.

The Engaged Life celebrates all of life’s moments; saying I do, naming a child, to a meal enjoyed with family. Sharing experiences, inspiring fun ideas and how to make them a reality.

A glimpse into the day-to-day on-goings of life - ENGAGED in the ever-present.

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