About us

How easy it is to get lost amid the mundanity of every day life. Time, while ever the keeper and constraint of our daily schedules, all to often eludes us. Dictating our should-dos and have-tos and to-dos, leaving our wants, goals and dreams, for another hoped for day.

The engaged life hopes to force those real things, those desires and joys and hobbies and happiness higher up on the proverbial priority list. Whether it's the celebration of a milestone... a proposal, a wedding, the birth of a child, crossing off an item from a bucket list, or the simple pleasures of a satisfying meal, a glass of good wine or walk home hand in hand with a loved one, we hope to give a voice to these moments. These highlights of our humanity that remind us to stop thinking about our life and instead celebrate the living of it.

Life happens. Be a part of it.