10 Winter Month Activities To Help You Get Through Those Cold Days

Just because there's less sunlight in the winter doesn't mean that you have to hibernate until the spring. Take advantage of the colder months to spend some quality time as a family. The Bump Baby and Toddler Expo’s staff members were asked their favourite winter activities and we've compiled 10 of them. Are you up to the challenge? See how many you can cross off your to-do list this season!

Winter activities:

1. Build a snowman
Have a snowman challenge with your neighbours! Give out prizes for the most creative and the best-looking snow person around. Okay, the lack of snow we have had this season might present a slight challenge!
~ Jay

2. Warm up around a winter campfire
If your city allows it, set up a backyard fire pit and have a winter campfire, complete with s’mores and scary stories. The sound of the fire crackling is worth it in itself.
~ Laurie ‘city kid’ at heart

3. Have a beach day
Can't go on a vacation? Pretend it is blazing hot out, put on your bathing suits and shades and some sunny music, and have a beach party. Ice Cream sundaes are mandatory!
~ Sarah

4. Make a puzzle
Make a puzzle! Buy puzzle templates from an arts and crafts store; you can make your very own puzzle makes a puzzle! How fun! Or, if you have a puzzle that you've had for ages and haven't put together yet, a cold winter day is the perfect opportunity. ~ Claire

5. Go skating
Go skating, or teach the kids to skate! The best part about the winter is that you can find one of many outdoor rinks, and have fun out in the fresh air!
~ Jennifer

6. Teach your kids to sew or knit
Teach your kids to sew or knit something cool, like a pillow cover, plush toy or scarf. See if they can make some of their winter gear by hand!
~ Claire’s 94 year old ‘Nanny’

7. Go on a winter hike
Go on a winter hike in a park or the woods. Collect items you find and glue them to sturdy paper to make a beautiful nature collage. Or, take some beautiful snowy pictures. See which animal tracks you can spot and figure out which ones enjoy the snow as much as you do!
~ Claire former Olympian ...lol

8. Do a good deed
Devote an entire day to doing good deeds. Walk around your ’hood with and pick up litter, volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter or shovel an elderly neighbour’s front walk!
~ Bruce Jennifer’s Hubby

9. Start an air band
Form an “air band” by lip-syncing to your favourite songs and miming playing along with instruments. You can even choreograph your own routines if the mood strikes you.
~ Jay former ‘rockstar’

10. Bake award-winning cookies
Get your friends and neighbours together and host a cookie competition. Everyone makes their favourite recipe, and have the kiddos be the judges. The littles ones could also make little certificates as prizes and hand them out!
~ Jennifer our resident ‘sweetheart’