5 Ways To Pop The Question

wedding proposal

In our line of work when someone we know (and sometimes we don't) gets hitched or if they are in the process of thinking about popping the question they usually end up calling us first. Apparently over the past 20 years of doing wedding shows we have been crowned exerts when it comes to anything wedding related, at least in the eyes of those calling us! This week was no exception We have already had three people contact us asking for advice on the best or most unique ideas for proposing to their soon-to-be significant others. So in order to help those who may be stuck for idea's as the busiest get-down-on-one-knee time of the year approaches, here is a list of five inspirational wedding proposal ideas to stir your creative juices and maybe even better your odds of snagging a YES!

  1. Build a House: Not a real one but a replica one made of lego blocks, popsicle sticks, playdough or whatever and hide the ring inside and tell them that you are ready to build a life together or "this is own first house now let build or next one together". Get them to open the little door or take off the roof and bamm, you have yourself a wedding to plan! Unless you are not that handy with lego's or blocks then maybe considered getting it built by some kid in the neighbourhood.
  2. Buy two kittens: Put them in a cute cuddly little box. Buy two name tags and place them around each of their collars. Name them something cute like Peanut and Butter, Shoes and Socks or Cops and Robbers... you get the idea. Put the ring on the collar of the kitten that most resembles the person you are about to propose to, hand the little kitty over to them and pop the question. Something like "You wouldn't want to break these little kittens hearts by separating them would you?" If they say "no why would you want to separate them?" You respond. "Well one is mine and one is yours so the only way to be sure that they will always be together is for you to marry me".  Just be sure that the other person don't have allergies.
  3. Chalk it up: Talk to a sidewalk chalk artist and get them to draw a proposal scene featuring you and your loved one. You could have those little quote bubbles like you see in the comics. In yours you are asking him/her to marry you and in theirs it's empty and hand him/her chalk and they fill in their answer. You can do this one on the ground or on a wall. Just be sure to check the local weather forecast. Rain and snow may make it a little hard to read and may even change a word or two which may send the wrong message. 
  4. Will that be Coffee or Tea? Go to your local tea or coffee shop and see if you can get a specialty coffee or tea blend made. Ask them to make the label "Will You Marry Me... their Name?". Make the drink and serve it to them. Ask them if they like it? If they say yes (that is a good sign BTW) then ask them if they would like to see the container, bring it over to them and let them read it... if all goes well you will have yourself a life long customer. 
  5. Make it a Public Event: Find out when the next consumer show is in your town that you are both into. Like a home show, boat show, car show, food show, garden show, or bike show etc. Talk to the organizers and see if they can rent or maybe just let you borrow a space in the show for a few hours on the day you plan to attend. Set up the booth anyway you wish. So lets say you were both cyclist. At the show you could have a booth set-up with your bikes, riding gear and a couple of backpacks all set-up with a big sign that says, " You grab your bike and I'll Grab Mine and lets Ride Off Into the Sunset" or "Lets ride off together" and then make your move! 

If you got engaged over the holidays be sure to check out our two upcoming wedding shows for more ideas and inspiration.