5 Ways to Stay Warm at a Winter Wedding!

So you either thought long and hard about planning an outdoor winter wedding or it just ended up that you had to no other choice but to have a wedding during the coldest months of the year. Either way you'll want to be sure that you and your guests are as comfortable as possible. Here is a list of five ways to keep everyone happy and warm while you close the deal:

  1. Blankets: Nothing says snuggly and warm as much as a blanket. Head over to the amenity or thrift shop and pick up as many big warm blankets as you think you’ll need. You don’t want to use your good blankets from home as there is a good change they might get ruined. Get your groomsmen or other family and friends to circulate around the guests and tuck everyone who is cold in.
  2. Propane Heaters: You’ve probably seen them on outdoor patios in the cooler months. Well they also have smaller more portable ones that can hook up to a propane tank like the one you use with your BBQ.
  3. Hats, Mittens and Scarves: Head over to Walmart, Target, Giant Tiger, Joe Fresh or any other type store and pick up a bunch in the colours of your wedding, mismatched or any way you like. It will add a pop of colour to the wedding and maybe save someone from getting a little frostbite.
  4. Tent: You could also consider renting a tent with windowed side walls. I know technically you are now indoors. But you will still be able to set up almost anywhere and still see the great outdoors minus the the wind and snow.
  5. Hot Drinks: You could rent one of those trendy food trucks or get your caterer to set up a hot bar. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and maybe a little something something to pour in for the adults!!

Winter weddings alway look beautiful in the pictures and just think how great yours will look if everyone is also cozy and warm. So, good luck and if you end up using any of the ideas mentioned please send us a few pics so we can share them with other couples.