A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Why Not Pack a Picnic Basket!

Summer just exudes fun. The bright sky, warm nights, elongated days and cheerful greenery just seem to override whatever else may be going on and demand a level of joy from us. We relish these days and cherish the simple pleasure they inspire. With that in mind, we thought a fun Friday post dedicated to a true summer staple seemed appropriate. That of the time-honored tradition of going on a picnic. No matter our age, a picnic brings together all the things we love about summer. Sunshine and green grass, good food and cold drinks, laughter and relaxation. It a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon! Locally, we have a wide range of options where to spread your checkered blanket... Here's a quick list if you're looking for inspiration: 10511243_10154335080025246_1486306963545662336_n

  • Webster's Falls
  • Tew's Falls
  • Dundurn Park
  • Gage Park
  • Pier 4 Park
  • Spencer Gorge
  • Cootes Paradise
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Hamilton Beach Strip

      So why not turn some easy to prepare foods and a short drive into a fun memorable way to spend the day! Whether it's with friends on the beach, the family at a local park or even as a romantic date destination, the simple act of packing a meal to enjoy outdoors can prove to be a seasonal highlight.   10449973_10154335080215246_8784683727566691735_n