Backyard Cooking and Entertaining Ideas and Tips!

Pre BBQ drinks on the backyard patio

​It's that time of year again... Snow drifts and shoveling induced backaches are slowly​ becoming distant memories as we enter the exciting days of Spring in Canada. Windows are opening, screen doors are swinging, sandals are making there way back into the shoe rotation. It's time to enjoy the outdoors once again and for many of us that includes outdoor entertaining. So brush off the BBQ, break out the patio cushions and start the search for this year's summer mimosa trends! In honour of the season, we've compiled a quick list of some of our current favorite ideas (tips) that the discerning summer host can keep in their back pockets (or right up front in thier apron pocket for easy retrival).

Prep The Patio

Getting your backyard party ready can be a real task, especially after months of winter wear and tear. But you'd be surprised what a few hours of effort can accomplish. A powerwasher can be your best friend as you spray away cobwebs, dust, debris and the like. Give those patio cushions a good scrub down using a simple solution of dish-washing detergent, borax and warm water. And remember, if you don't have time to completely cultivate your garden beds prior to your first shindig, a bag or two of black or red mulch can cover over a multitude of sins! Here's a link to a great spring cleaning to - do list we love! 

Plan Around A Theme

Don't underestimate the fun of planning around a theme! It may sound like a lot of work, but giving some pre-thought to a party theme can make a lot of decisions for you as you plan, and it offers your guests a memorable evening out. For example, sangria is a summer favorite of ours. So we planned our last party with three different choices of sangria to sample, with a bar set up that guest could mingle around. Check out this link to a similar idea. 


Ever thought "why didn't I think of that?!" when attending someone else's event after seeing a genius idea that never occurred to you? Well that's happened more times then I care to recall. So I've reverted to searching for such ideas prior to hosting and then mimicking the brain waves of others who seem to be party gurus! From flavored ice cubes to miniature individual champagne bottles, why not enjoy the fruits of other's labours? Here's a great list of clever outdoor entertaining ideas that will take your BBQ to the next level! 

However you decide to celebrate the season this year, we wish you a backyard full of laughter, friendship and sunshine! Happy grilling!!