Borrowed, Blue, Old and New You Can Find it Here - Guest Blog


Ahh, your wedding. You may have thought about this day for as long as you can remember or perhaps you didn’t give it a passing thought until you heard the magical words, Will you marry me? Either way, your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. But... it can also be one of the most expensive. You have a set budget, you begin booking your venue, hiring a caterer, choosing your photographer, buying your dream gown and...Boom! Just like that your budget is blown. I’ve been there. In 2012 I was preparing for my rustic themed wedding with my perfect venue, a great caterer, a gorgeous gown and...oops! The one thing I wanted most, stunning accessories, seemed to slip through the cracks. Not only did I experience extreme sticker shock when I forged out to find my dream accessories but I also cried at the tackiness of what was available. Racks of gorgeous gowns and one or two shelves of accessories that at best resembled something from a 1980’s episode of Dallas. This was a problem I was determined to fix. Months later I had a light bulb moment. Why buy one-time wear accessories when you can borrow them? So began many months of research, planning, telephone calls and e-mails. To bring you the best the bridal world has to offer, I curated a collection of new and vintage bridal and special occasion accouterments from high-end accessory designers from Canada, the USA and Australia. Justine M. Couture, Elle & Jae, Karolina Keeler and Sara Gabriel are just some of the designers featured. Originally, my plan was to open a street front accessory boutique. But after talking to several brides I realized this service is something that is desired by many people across the country. And so, months later I’ve launched an online boutique where brides all over Canada can borrow the same budget friendly luxuries. Not interested in borrowing? Not a problem! My Something Borrowed is an authorized retailer of all of the designers we carry therefore we are also able to offer the option to purchase new. New items take approximately four to six weeks to receive due to the custom handcrafted, designer couture quality of each piece. We are delighted to be your "something borrowed" or “something new”! You can find us at We look forward to seeing you soon! Sincerely, Heather Boissonneault Founder/Owner My Something Borrowed