Fried Green Tomatoes Anyone?

One of things I love most about late July is that I can walk five steps from my kitchen door and pick beautiful homegrown juicy ripe tomatoes. Well not so much this year. It's already the end of July and things are looking pretty green. Tonight we lost patients and picked our first "almost" ripe tomato from our little garden and added it to the salad. 

20140728-202343-73423212.jpg20140728-202343-73423003.jpgIt was good, but it could have benefited from a few more of those... plus 25c and sunny! Something that has been in short supply this year. I'm no expert but my guess is we are about a week away from Solanum lycopersicum bliss. So keep an eye out starting this weekend for local grown tomatoes and enjoy one of natures treats in all it's naturally ripen glory. As for our cucumbers, looks like I'll be pulling out the fall sweaters by the time they make an appearance in a salad!