Harvest Season Bliss!

Prepping tomatoes for canning
The finished product resting handsomely in pantry!
Oh fall! The beautiful colours, sweaters, walks, pies, preserves, warm and cozy dinners, apples, pears, cranberries, sweet potatoes, more squash than you could ever eat, pot pies, roasts, casseroles, pastas, french onion soup for heaven’s sake and yes i could go on and on!!

There is almost no reason to not love Autumn except for the fact the it is followed by winter… which is a topic for maybe another day!

It would seem that fall especially in Southern Ontario, one could argue it the best season of them all. Just think of all those yummy hot drinks like pumpkin spiced lattes and hot apple ciders. Those with kids get to have their late mornings and early afternoons back. You don’t have to cut the grass or shovel snow… yet!

You can start to turn off your AC which is much more pleasant for sleeping and save yourself a wheelbarrow full of money on your electricity bill. You can fire up the fireplace and cozy up to it with that hot drink and a novel (or tablet or phone?) TIP: put a nice leather cover on your tablet to make it more cozy.

All those fall fairs, futures wine tasting opportunities at one of the Niagara, Pelee Island or Prince Edward County wineries. Even a lot of the patio’s are still open and much more comfortable to relax on then it is on those ever increasingly insane hot and humid summer days. How about a little champagne in the hot tub on a starry fall evening with your favourite hot tub companion? Try enjoying that in 40C or -20C weather!

So my vote is that fall wins in the category of best overall season. The only exception could possibly be Spring and only because it is also Food & Drink Fest time… right!!! Oh and don't forget to save the date for next year's Food & Drink Fest 2017 show which will be March 24-25 at Hamilton Convention Centre.