Kids can help you fall in love with Fall even more!

Having two kids now, a three year old boy and a seven year old girls I have to admit that fall has been my favourite season with them each year.

No more slathering on SPF (or trying to), lugging around ten gallons of liquids, bringing three changes of clothing (pre-swim, swimming and post swimming - because it’s freezing in the grocery store on the way home) in the summer.

In the winter trying to dress them in snowsuits which is bad enough, never mind trying to fit them into their carseats afterwards. Then once you get where you need to go, having to disrobe them and figure out how to carry all the excess clothing, snacks and tired three year old in tow. Those long cold dark days and way too fresh air that makes playing outside for more than 20 minutes impossible and oh that cabin fever!

Spring seems nice but it is too sporadic weather wise. Do you dress them in a spring jacket or parka? Do they need a hat and scarf or just a hoody? Will it rain, snow or both? Never mind the constant internal struggle of self debating on how much mud is acceptable to let them drag into the house or car!

With fall comes the opportunity for young families to get outside with a minimum amount of effort relative to the other seasons and really take in the beautiful scenery, climate, fall fairs, harvesting activities or our next Fall Bump, Baby & Toddler Expo and enjoy fun family togetherness. So get out and enjoy what this beautiful region of the world has to offer right in our backyards. Here is a great resource Ontario Travel to find things to do in Ontario this fall.