Paella Party in a storm!

[gallery ids="1977,1978,1971,1972,1982,1984"] Every year we try to plan a party near the end of summer. We call it our "Paella Party". The whole event is centred around making our version of this colourful and delicious traditional spanish dish. One of the main components in making our Paella Party a success is the weather. We want the weather to be nice and hot so we can do all the cooking outside while sitting in our pretend ocean side villa deck on the Valencian Coast in Spain. That's right, drinking great wine, listening to latin flavour music, chowing down on our masterpiece all in the comfort of our villa (make-believe villa that is). Right here in Hamilton's Durand Neighbourhood. This summer proved to be a difficult one to get just the right mix of temperature and date but last Friday w e thought it's was now or never and went for it. It started out great with record-breaking heat but as you may recall a storm rolled in around 7pm and almost blew us all away while we were outside cooking and crushed any hopes of continuing the party outdoors. We survived the storm and so did our paella. But not part of a large branch from a neighbour's tree that happen to fall right were we had been cooking moments earlier. We made the best of a soggy and potentially dangerous situation back in the house (sorry villa) and let the wine flow, the music play, while the Paella slowly disappeared into our ravenous bellies. We planned on taking more pictures but with the mad scramble to bring everything in the middle of the storm and maybe a little to do with too much wine we only have a few pics to show off. Enjoy and if you have your own Paella recipe please share and maybe we'll give your version a try at next years festivities. Our beat up recipe that we have been using for the 13 years or so is below if you're interested! Cheers, Jay [gallery ids="1967,1968"]