The Glorious Mixing of Autumn and kids!

Emmerson picking her pumpkin!
I have always loved the fall season. I enjoy the drinks, clothes, culinary delights, festivals, foliage, sense of new beginnings, weather and real natural humanistic side that a Canadian harvest season emits. Most of all I love that I have the opportunity to enjoy all this with my kids.

Once we had kids, we started to relive our youth and discovered new found love for past arduous tasks like raking up the leaves. Before kids, if someone jumped in our nice neat pile of leaves we who have a fit and probably call the cops. Now we can’t get enough (well maybe that's too strong a statement) of watching the kids jump in our nice formally neat pile of leaves. That's until of course we actually do need to get the job done, clean up, change their diapers and make lunch.

Going apple picking, drinking apple cider in a barn, picking the perfect pumpkin or going on a hayride have certainly taken on a new meaning and have become a fabric of our family's memories and new found traditions. Autumn now has become a real fun time in our lives where we experience the health of the great outdoors, all the while helping to bond my little family together.

One of our favorite things to do is to go to Lindley's Farm in Ancaster and take a picture of our kids in the same spot each year to see how much they've grown. After that we buy a bunch of treats like apple pie, pumpkin tarts, maple cookies and grab a hot chocolate and let them go to town. After which, let them run crazy in the corn maze to burn off all the sugar.

The fall offers so many opportunities to get outside with the little ones before it gets too cold and to really take in the natural beauty that we experience in this part of the big ball we live on. It doesn't have to cost any money or much money to get something out of this season. Even a nice walk along a treeline park or car ride in the country can be refreshing and wondrous for the whole family. So, bundle everyone up, don’t over-plan a few weekends this fall and just head out into the world with the kids and make a day of it.