To DIY or not to DIY

With reality how-to shows, Pinterest driven idea mills and cautious consumerism still alive and well, many couples have adopted the mantra of DIY. Brides and grooms alike have gotten creative in the name of love and looked for ways to "Do It Themselves" in order to save on wedding services. Many event planners would applaud people brainstorming creative ways to stay within budget and certainly agree that everyone needs to be true to their set price point.

However, after hearing several DIY horror stories, a few have begun to wonder if "going it alone" on your wedding day is actually a cost effective and time efficient way to plan your wedding. The choice to manage all different aspects of the wedding day is a job within itself and can add a significant amount of stress, worry and upset if not enough attention can be spared.

While scrounging local craft shops to find the materials needed for a decor idea or wedding favour gift may sound fun at the outset, in reality it is a lot of work, time, effort, planning and expense. Not to mention the sad reality that although intentions may be good and standards high, not all of us have the hot glue gun skills we think we do and a good percentage of DIYers end up hating how everything turned out.

One of the most common DIY wedding shortcuts is asking a friend to be the wedding day "photographer". While in theory, this may sound like a smart cost saving advantage... ask anyone after the fact and you'll hear sad stories of missed moments, lost pictures, bad re-production, expensive printing costs or no pictures all together. Some think that music is another area to cut cost corners, but again this can give you wedding day headaches and unnecessary stress, along with the trouble of sourcing equipment, set up and tear down effort and the risk of the majority of the evening's mood being affected negatively. How much better it would be to leave these key facets of the day to professionals, who specialize in these fields, who can trouble shoot on the spot, rectify any hiccups and keep your focus where it belongs, on your new partner and the life you are embarking on together! Getting married to the person you love is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should be memorable for that fact, not because your cousin's Ipod wont play, the archway fell apart or bouquets didn't arrive.

While the recommendation is never to blow the budget or go into debt, it's important to figure out ways to make your wedding day perfect at your personal price point. That starts by sitting down and realistically asking some questions like:
  • What is most cost and time effective?
  • Where are the areas of our wedding we care about the most and would like to invest the most money?
  • What areas or wedding product services do we not care as much about and can either eliminate or not invest as much for those services?

Ask yourself these types of questions and see if DIY still comes out on top. You may be surprised by your answer.