Wedding Day Trend Alert - Hometown Heros

By Jen Odell

In recent year's it seemed as if brides and grooms were racing to mimic the latest celebrity wedding or make extravagant Pinterest boards come to life... But lately we've seen a trend that we can't help but champion and applaud. More and more couples are looking to make their day unique to them as individuals, including highlighting their hometown heritage.

It's the "new destination wedding", bringing elements of places and spaces that you have affinity for no matter the location of the wedding itself. For example... instead of the usual buffets of the past, look to smaller, local catering companies to create the dinner meal, appetizer hour or dessert table spread. Offer wine or craft beer from local areas that offer the flavour of home. Feature local artists, bands and musical groups during dinner or dancing as a welcome break from the traditional. Instead of simply numbering tables, give them each a street name from your neighborhood.

Creating a feel for places near and dear to your heart is always a touching sentiment. Did you get engaged far away? Have an affinity for your alma mater? Love the memory of your hometown? Then why not let those components have a voice on the wedding day. The idea is to bring together bits and pieces of places in your life that have brought you joy and let that combine together with all the other precious moments of your day making a lasting memory that is uniquely you.