Wedding Entertainment

Swing Dancers
Your love of jazz music

By Jennifer Odell

One hot trend that has becoming increasingly popular is to have the added facet of entertainment on your wedding day. Brides and grooms are now sharing centre stage with bands, dancers, vocalists and the like by scheduling fun performances to entertain invited guests. Not only does this help to set the mood for the evening's party, but also tells your guests a lot about what you like and enjoy... when else can you expose your friends and family to your love of jazz music and let them experience a great local artist together as a group! It’s also makes for fun memories and helps provide an icebreaker for people to mix and mingle.

Try to think of empty time slots that will inevitably occur throughout your day. Perhaps while dessert is being served or while you're busy having pictures taken between the ceremony and the start of the reception. These gaps can easily be filled by having a band, harpist, or soloist perform. Even having a magician, balloon artist or mime act out a routine for the kids can be a nice added touch to the overall feel of the occasion. It serves to impress upon guests that you really want them to have a great night out and offers an unexpected surprise and fun sensory experience for them.

Add that extra feel of glamour and excitement by planning your entertainment in conjunction with the central theme of the wedding. For example, if you’re having a retro 50's themed wedding, why not have swing dancers perform? If your wedding venue is at an historic castle or stately home, medieval minstrels or a highland piper would certainly help to set the scene. Or think outside the box and include a caricaturist, have a poetry reading or hire a gospel choir. Even planning a fun dance routine to be performed by you and the wedding party would be a great way to kick off the evening!

Simply adding one extra unexpected twist to your wedding day can make it stand out from the rest. We've all been to the typical weddings, with the typical schedule of events, so why not give your guests something to rave about and remember with Wedding Day entertainment!

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