Why a Postnatal Care Package is one of the Best Things You Can Give to a New Mom!

By Lindsay Forsey- Tenth Moon Mothercare (guest contributor)

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I was nine centimetres dilated, in the wilds of transition, when my midwife looked up from between my legs and said “I don’t think that’s a head.” Undiagnosed breech babies are uncommon and none of us were prepared. It was my first baby. My midwife had never attended a breech birth. The OB on call wouldn’t even consider it. Within an hour of discovering our babe bum-down, what started as a planned homebirth ended with an emergency cesarean.

I remember from those first postpartum days the adorable way my daughter’s toes tickled her nose — she was still at ease folded in her frank breech pose. And though I was falling in love with her from the start, not all of my memories from that time are dreamy. Intense labour plus major surgery left me physically wrecked. Emotionally, I was devastated by how not-to- plan my birth had gone. I had nightmares and migraines and thrush — a yeast infection on my nipples that made breastfeeding acutely painful.

Thankfully, I was surrounded by love: My husband spoon fed me while I rested in bed with our girl. My mum made food and did laundry and assured me I could pull off this motherhood thing despite the rough start. Midwives crept up quietly to our second floor apartment offering guidance and care.

If you follow a pregnancy by lunar cycles – each one being about 29 days long – most women give birth during the 10 th moon. The way my first birth unfolded is a huge part of why I created Tenth Moon Mothercare, the business I run, bundling up postnatal care packages for mothers across Canada. At the time, I was already supporting new mothers as a yoga teacher and a doula, but becoming a mom brought forth a deeper understanding of exactly what a woman needs after giving birth.

She doesn’t need another cute outfit for her baby or a pair of diamond studs. (Though I won’t suggest such offerings would go unappreciated!) What she needs is nourishment, rest, support and time to heal. Traditions of mothering the mother are found in cultures all over the world, but Western society suggests women bounce back to their regular routines quickly. That’s a lot of pressure on a woman who has just come through a miraculous transformation and created another human being.

Postpartum life can be absolutely joyful, but the constancy and immediacy of caring for a newborn is overwhelming. Those early days can also be exhausting, confusing and lonely. Motherhood was never intended to be a solo mission. And as much as it takes a village to raise our children, so it does to care for the mothers who bring them into the world. Tenth Moon Mothercare started as a Pay-it- Forward project: I wanted to take care of new moms as a show of gratitude for all of the love and support I received in my postpartum experience. Even now as my business grows, I put great love and care into every package I prepare. Everything in our packages has been chosen with a new mother’s needs in mind: healing baths to soothe the body and mind; nourishing foods to foster recovery and promote lactation; and personal care must-haves, like nursing pads.

If you know a mom-to- be, whether she’s becoming a mother for the first time, or adding to a growing family, a postnatal care package is the best gift you can give to her. It could be a Tenth Moon Mothercare package or a thoughtful DIY, but I promise you it is something she will truly appreciate and always remember. Most of all, it’s something she deserves.

Tenth Moon Mothercare bundles and delivers all the essentials a new mom needs, whether she’s having her first baby or her fourth. Tenth Moon founder, Lindsay Forsey, got the inspiration for the business as a sort of pay-it- forward project when she found herself brimming with gratitude for the support she received from her husband, family and friends after struggling in the weeks after her first baby was born. It started with mini care packages she made for friends and now she delivers amazing packages – complete with nursing pads, sitz bath, snacks and so much more – to mothers throughout the GTA, and ships them across the country. Lindsay is a mother of two, a writer, a doula, a certified prenatal yoga teacher and an advocate for postnatal wellness and maternal health.