Woodland Weddings

It seems to be as of late that weddings have taken a turn from the big glam, sparkle that seemed to define such events in the past and are now veering towards a more rustic and natural theme with sophisticated, posh accents. Everything from loosely braided hair to branchy green centerpieces are taking over the spots once held by over style up-dos and sky high candelabras. Flower crowns on flower girls, candle lit lanterns, chalk board seating charts and mismatched bridesmaid dresses all help set a more relaxed at ease tone to the event. Lush florals are complimented well by lace or faux fur overlays.

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The woodland wedding is romance personified. It infuses the mystical elements of luster and earthly freshness that are so often missing from the cookie-cutter big banquet weddings that we've all attended and attended... for years on end. So why not step away from the norm and present your guests with the unexpected but much appreciated gentle beauty that a non-traditional styled wedding can provide.

Photo Credits: (1) lovemydress.net (2) carterandcookeventco.com (3) inspiredbythis.com